5 Jul 2011

How to Verify Your Site In Bing Webmaster

Hello All,Sorry for long time I didnt post about Tutorial or tips Blogger.For this chance,I would like to share how to submit and get meta tag from BING that viewing your site. At first I didnt know how to do it,but I browse in Google and finally I found it.Now,I will share for you, Please follow directions carefully!
  • Sign Up for Bing Webmaster tools. http://bing.com/webmaster
verify bing

  • Add your site and choose the meta validation method. You should be given a verification code that looks like this:
verify bing
 <meta name="msvalidate.01" content=quot *******" />
  • open new tab,Loggin into your blogger account
  • Copy the code and paste it into below <head > or below the others metatags in your template before  <b:skin><![CDATA[ 
  • Then save your template
  • then back to Bing Bing Webmaster tools again,Verify your meta tag
  • For Wordpress its also same but in put the meta you should install all in one plugin first
verify bing

  • Then put your numbers code (from meta) in the Bing column
  • Then save and back to Bing Webmaster tools and Verify.

Note:  If it doesn't work, view your page, make sure there is no code showing at the top.  Also right click on the page, view source, and look at the meta tags (near the top).  The validation tag should look like the original Bing meta tag.

Source and pict :http://www.trainingseogratis.com/

Tampilan terbaik menggunakan Google chrome dan Mozilla +5 layar 1280x854


  1. nice info,love,peace and gaul.

  2. Klo gak salah dulu aku udah pernah Verifikasi di Bing :) makasih Informasinya

    Maaf baru bisa mampir, aku Follow sekalian (DJ Site)...

    semangat n happy blogging :)

  3. very nice. This tutorial is suitable for new build blogs to reach top positions in google.

  4. baca artikel ini jadi "ngeh", perlu main ke bing nih.
    tq sharingnya sob

  5. @saryadinilan thanks salam,love,peace and gaul back ^^

  6. @Ferdinand oh ya :) makasih dah mampir master :D

  7. @DAW-XP thanks thats right but This post not only for reach top position but also share for all ,share is more important than position :D,thanks master

  8. langsung di praktekkan gan....

    bing punyanya om windows yah???

    oh iya makasih kunjungan dan klik balasaannya,,

    iyah Insya Allah setiap open your page akan sy sempatkan klik...sukses terus!!!!

  9. @Dhymalk dhykTa Okegan makasi iya punya windows