6 Jun 2011

Create Google +1 Button to Support your Blogger/wordpress

google plusone install

 In recently I openned my google ads Account and get message to using Google Plus one for my blog.at first,I didint know why Google adsense recommendate to using This Plugin. Then,I visit the Official of Google plus one site. then I know after I read some information and usefull of this widget.Not like others widget button. This button is support by Google.So Google recommendate this plugin if we want Our blog be famous and Familiar In Google SERP.Just like in they Official website that said:
"Use the +1 button to publicly show what you like, agree with, or recommend on the web. The +1 button can appear in a variety of places, both on Google and on sites across the web. For example, you might see a +1 button for a Google search result, Google ad, or next to an article you're reading on your favorite news site. Your +1’s and your social connections also help improve the content you see in Google Search"
How about the installation?its so difficult? no,its very easy,just simple and what about the script?its can make our web so slowly?. If you ask about slow or fast ,all of the third parties script will make your blog /web slowly,but you may put the script not in the Homepage,but In single post.(learn about put the widget only shows home/single post).If you interest and wanna your blog be familiar In SERP and SEO friendly,please follow some simple steps below.
  1. Open your blogger/ wordpress account
  2. for the blogger,open dashboard,then click design ,go to EDIT HTML
    for worpress is also same,
  3. for Blogger or Wordpress,search </head> (blogger) or header .php (wordpress) then put this below code before </head> code:
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>
  4. Then in blogger find this below code,put <g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone> after this code
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'> <data:post.body/>
    <g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone>
    (put this code like this)
  5. for wordpress put it into your post or visit the official web for Google +1
  6. save your template.And see your blog now. Then start to recommendate your posts to the world with click the button

Ok,I hope its can useful for us.Im sorry if This posts is so lack of information for wordpress because I using blogger blog.If some master blog have the information about Google plus one installation in wordpress please tell us.

Tampilan terbaik menggunakan Google chrome dan Mozilla +5 layar 1280x854


  1. Wkwkwkw.. belum saya pasang :D hehe..

  2. @Pradisz Wardhanawkwwkwk emang napa mastahy??apa ada kekurangannya?

  3. blog saya juga sudah saya pasang tombol ini som, mantab

  4. @Rizkyzoneiya mas,mantapp moga aje PR naek gara-gara masang nih widget

  5. gw coba dulu om... :D

  6. Anonymous6/07/2011

    nanti saya coba dulu ya, makasih sob

  7. pengen pasang cuman bingung mo taroh dmn lg yah... :D

  8. @RENO-Planet Ultraman™tarok dibawah postingan sob ato dibawah judul

  9. intinya, google plus 1, ini fungsinya untuk apa sih??

  10. @sayaberitahuIntinya itu sama kayak like fb,cara untuk mengetahuinya coba pake google.com trus ketik blog sobat ntar di SERP akan ada jumlah ++ yg udah masuk

  11. tombol ini dah terpasang di blog baru ane kang. tapi sama dengan yang lainnya, sebenarnya saya masih meragukan tombol ini untuk kepentingan SEO coz secara logika yang akan tampil dihalaman pertama SERP Google yang punya jumlah klik tombol itu terbanyak. tapi bagaimana dengan optimasi on-page dan lainnya?.. (..tapi ga tau lagi dah..hehe)

  12. @SEO Basic ya sob,kalo digoogle.co.id gak muncul,dia muncul di google.com.Ya sih kalo dihubungi ama SEO gak pengaruh amat.Tentu kita butuuh SEO on dan off page

  13. Sya sudah coba mengikuti prosedur ini tapi kok gak muncul..muncul ya... tapi kalau di check di source codenya tetep ada ""

  14. @randy oktaran kalau prosedurnya benar pasti muncul ntar saya cek diblog mba

  15. @randy oktaranoh ya mbak <g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone> gak mbak pasang makanya gak muncul,coba pasang dibagian sidebar karena saya lihat punya mba berbentuk web bukan blog biasa makasih dah mampir

  16. Goole +1 is new features from google, thanks for nice article.