27 Jun 2011

How To Do Low Cost SEO

low cost SEO for you
Hello Sharelikers 4ever,meet again about SEO topic in Yang Penting Share.I hope you not bored to read this post.Yahh,SEO is an important element in web Building.Knowing how tight financially things are for most of the world invites new and innovative ways of supplementing your income. The catch is to set up a program that will shoot you down the write path without digging too deep into your pockets.

This translates into finding some income machine that's easy to setup, cheap... if not FREE to maintain and last but not least lucrative!Affiliate marketing is your ticket. If you've never heard of affiliate marketing then today is your lucky day. Affiliate marketing is the institution inwhich merchants pay you for sales leads or leads that manifest into sales. This article will outline the basics of jump starting low cost SEO that will drive visitors to your affiliate site.

Lets begin -Once you've engraved in your head the desire to go independent and start your own money machine.. as I like to call it... you''ll want to know what choices are out there for you.

Well, there are many choices although only a handful that have real income potential and true affordability. Affiliate marketing is one of those new cyber jobs that have popped on the seen here in the last decade or so, which makes it a fledgling industry. Not only is it new, it's basically open for whom ever has enough courage to give it a go!

With their being so little competition from other affiliates you can actually dominate a field as an affiliate giving you choose the right niche. The only efforts that need to be taken once you've chosen a topic is that of marketing your site or blog once you've brought it to life.

This is done via Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. SEO is one heck of a monster although don't fear as we're here to present you with authentic low cost and no cost ways of bringing white hat SEO to life.

"SEO is the Engine That Drives Traffic To Blogs and Sites Throughout the Network"

How?... You ask...Through a process called inbound linking. To determine the popularity and subsequent page rank of a site Google, the worlds most prominent search engine surveys the sites linking to you. Google does this with the use of a tool known as a search engine robot which is a program that runs through the world wide wed and catalogs sites according to title and description tags and annotates which sites are linking to your site and which words they use to link to your site. The robot then incorporates this data into an equation called an algorithm. This algorithm calculates the value and positioning of the sites, blogs and other HTML crafted pages on the Net.

In short the search engines are looking for content that details what your page is about. It does this by looking at specific areas of your HTML. Googlebot, which is the name of one of Googles search bots peeps at the title tag in in your HTML then peeps at the description tag in your HTML

If you have no description tag... no fear Google is trained to drop to the content of your site and read through until it finds the keywords it's looking for. If Google doesn't identify any of the keywords it's looking for it simply will not list you in the SERP's for that search query. So in short make sure your keywords are painted in your title tag, description tag and body copy.

Now you may be asking how do I Incorporate this knowledge into my marketing mix.

Simple...When you blast out the gates building your site make sure it's articles and pages are dawned with on page SEO concepts and entangled with off page SEO love. In your headlines make sure you have your primary keyword and somewhere in the first or second paragraph insure that your primary and secondary keywords are thrown in the mix. This along side connecting your pages accordingly in a navigation bar, site map, and anchor text is pretty much the bulk of on page SEO magic.

Off page SEO magic is similar except for it's off page. You'll need to take the same concepts and ideas, integrate them into an article that you intend to give to another webmaster to paste into his sites navigation. Make sure you use words in your anchor text that people are typing in to find the topic or niche you're promoting. By doing this you are letting Google know that the pages within your site that these words are linking to, have to do with that specific topic. This also screams to Google and other search engines that given your site has enough SEO fit article out there using these specific keywords as anchor text that your site may be worthy of being listed in the SERP's under that specific phrase or word.

For example if you wish to rank one page of content for the keyword cat - then your job is to have a set amount of sites link to you using the word "cat" or you can do what I do and give them an article for free that has the word cat in the title tag, description tag, headline and body copy. This will give the article a fighting shot at ranking for the word cat. In addition because you are linking to a page on your site using the anchor text "cat" that particular page on your site has a superb chance at ranking in the top 10 of Google for the keyword "cat'. Now this is an example and the more competitive a keyword the more inlinks you'll need from quality sites using that word...."cat" to rank for this word in the engines.Like I done In Yang PEnting SHare with using Keywor Yang Penting Share or in english means Important share.

You May Be Asking Yourself -- How is this Low Cost Let alone FREE SEO!

What we are driving at here is if you wish to rank any website or blog on the Net for competitive words or maybe even some not so competitive words you'll need to start writing good articles and giving them to other sites that promise to keep your links intact.

By doing this you're giving away FREE inbound links to your site. The other site will accept the article because they want the relevant content. This is FREE SEO.

Your other option is to outsource the work to a freelance copywriter who can crank out material in bulk as it's their job and if you find the write freelancer you may have found a relationship that can carry you to the peak of success and beyond. The only downfall to this is not really a down fall at all, it's just a fact of life... you'll have to pay for it. This payment represents the Low cost aspect of the Low to No cost SEO tactics.

Now that you've been updated as to how to promote a site or blog through NO and Low cost SEO it's time to go after no cost and low cost ways of building blogs and websites to complement your newly discovered knowledge of wallet friendly SEO.

First off -- I'd always begin with some sort of blog. Blogs are a great welcome mat or introduction for visitors and webmasters alike in building an online presence. Blogs are loved by Google as many blogs have content added daily which is exactly what Google feeds on.

By starting a blog and adding new content every few days(incorporating the stuff you just learned) you'll give Google the SEO "Q's'" it lives for. The same goes for any other sites you construct.

Just apply the positive SEO techniques we discussed in both on and off page fashion... then sit back and watch one of two things happen. Either your going to see a dramatic increase in traffic or you won't. If nothing seems to be manifesting then keep plugging away at writing articles and sending them out too sites that will accept them. Soon some economies to scale will kick into gear then traffic, money and sales will fall from the sky!

If you have follewd these suggestions and you start to see action in the form of Absence clicks or affiliate sales then find additional keywords through popular SEO tolls like wordtracker and start the process over again unless you want to go after some other niche.

There's some great news I want to share with you about the affordability of static web sites and niche blogs.These essential tolls of the trade can also be procured in FREE formats and or at least low cost formats so that all who want to participate... can. When you add the fact that SEO can be FREE if need be and the sites and blogs can be FREE, you've got one heck of a combination for creating your own stimulus package.

In all the excitement I almost forgot to tell you where you can go to get free (CMS's) content management systems.First theres wordpress.org or Blogger.com. They will provide you with a FREE URL and free Hosting. Secondly there's Yahoo Geosites who does the same although they are not good if you want a blog. Then there's (CMS's) like ez-webbuilder.com and Drupal.com that cost about a dollar a day.

These two are good stater platforms and will allow you to build SEO friendly sites and blogs that you simply monetize with affiliate programs and Absence once you have some traffic stumbling through.

Well guys and girls thats it in a nutshell and I beg of you try not to make this hard by over thinking it. The tactics outlined above will work, you just have to work them.Good Luck and Good Hunting,Keep Blogging On YAng Penting SHare .


Tampilan terbaik menggunakan Google chrome dan Mozilla +5 layar 1280x854


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