8 Dec 2011

Meaning Kiss Around the world

Kissing Your way Around The World

Hello sharelikers,
I had learned about the CCU lecturer books,its about cross culture Understanding,You know,Thats mean we learn about the other cultures from their language.And that make me interest is about KISS,why?haha maybe you only know about the meaning of kisses is a couple that loves each others.But its only if we dont know that facts!.after I read the CCU book,I knew that meaning of kisses not only loves,but its depends on where in the world you are (or were).Okay I will share it just for you :D

As you know,A kiss means "I love you" in many countries-but not everywhere.But, European explorer found plenty of places where People had never even heard of kissing.The Ainu people of japan liked to bite their lovers cheeks.Eskimos, Polynesians and Malaysians rub noses instead of kissing.In several languages the word for "kiss" means "smell"


kisses are also good for saying Hello.Do you kiss relatives on the cheek when you visit them? if you living in europe or south America,you see many more of these greeting kisses.Some men Kiss each other on the cheeks at business meeting.Its like the other form of shaking hands.

If you go traveling In the other country,you will get confusing if you dont know the rules for greeting one another.Many european men and women say hello with two kisses,one each cheek.But three kisses are polite in Belgium,and young people in Paris,France often prefer four.You must start with the right cheek,starting with left would be as awkward as sticking out your left hand for handshake.

Kiss not only on the lips,

  • Kiss on the hand thats means I adore you.
  • Kiss on the cheek thats means I just want to be friends.
  • Kiss on the neck thats means I want you.
  • Kiss on the ears thats means Let's have some fun.
  • Kiss on the nose thats means Let's get silly.
  • Kiss anywhere else thats means You're the best.

A variation on the cheek kiss is found in Brazil.When ladies meet,they put their cheeks together and kiss the air.Kissing was even more common in ancient times.

The hebrew christian,Greek and Romans kissed a Lot-family,friends and perfect strangers.The romans might have kissed anyone they met on the hand,the cheek or the mouth.

They often put a parfume such as myrrh in their mouth to make kisses more pleasant.Victorian etiquette required a man to kiss the back of a ladies hand.

The interest kisses for we know is knight in olden times for sealing a promise.The lord that give the duty to the knight doing ceremony with kisses mouth(men to men kisses) for seal their promise.This ceremony lasted until the 1500s.

Oh ya,have you everseen a row of XXXXXX at the bottom of a letter,its meaning kisses?That comes from the time of knight and castles too.The X started out as a type of signature.In the middle ages many people couldn't write their names and sign an X on a paper (symboling a cross) and then kiss it to promise that he would stick to the deal.Now an X just means a KISS.

Kisses can also show respect.People kiss religious statues and flags. They have kissed the feet and footprints of kings and queens,as well as their hands,knees and robes.In Ireland, it is believed that you will have good luck if you kiss the Blarney Stone. and African tribes pay homage to their Chief by kissing the ground where he has walked.In roman students kissed their teacher hands,and also in Indonesia.Some times people kiss the ground when they come home to a country they loved.


Crossculture understanding Book


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