24 May 2011

Why Pregnant Mother forbidden drink coffee?

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You are coffee lovers?. Drink coffee reaped many Pros and Cons of the benefits and disadvantages of Drinking Coffee. If in the community had been known as a coffee drink that much benefit, especially to keep a sense of Sleep, refresh the body and can prevent Brain cancer and protect the liver and Heart.But not the only benefit, coffee also has effects that are not good for the body. Two of the top ten coffee lovers prone to stomach irritation due to gastric acid disorder caused by caffeine.And also,coffe can make our teeth looks so dirt and smell. 

For those of You are who are planning a pregnancy, should reduce the consumption of coffee. Results Dutch study revealed that drinking coffee can reduce the chances of pregnancy. According to The Daily Mail newspaper, the researchers found a link between caffeine contained in coffee with a woman's fertility. Caffeine was found to damage the transport eggs from the ovary to the uterus. Previous research has shown that eating too much coffee can affect female fertility. The study involved 9000 Dutch women. Those who drank more than four cups of coffee a day known to reduce the chances of conceiving by a quarter. However, until now the scientific reasons for this relationship remains a mystery. 
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In a recent study conducted on mice showed that caffeine inhibits contractions of the oviduct which functions to bring eggs to the uterus. Caffeine can make pacemakers are not active on the tube wall that serves to send waves of contraction in a coordinated manner to bring the egg to the uterus. This study shows that contraction plays a greater role in the transport of eggs than the hair-like cilia of hair tubes. In fact, in previous studies, predicted the opposite. 

"This discovery explains why caffeinated beverages can reduce the opportunities for women to get pregnant," said lead investigator, Professor Sean Ward, from the University of Nevada in Reno, AS.Menurutnya, research published in The British Journal of Pharmacology are successfully explain why women who consume caffeine high amounts take longer to conceive than those who did not consume caffeine.Another benefit of this research is the latest knowledge about the workings of the oviduct so that it can help doctors treat pelvic inflammatory and sexually transmitted diseases. As well, an understanding of ectopic pregnancy, namely the development of the embryo in the oviduct.


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