28 Jun 2011

Strategies To do simple SEO

Hello yang penting Share Visitor.Have you read the recents post about How to do cheapest SEO? This post will explain you the simple ways how to max your Web SEO without spend much money .Undertaking a long term search engine optimization program can be an expensive process depending on the size of your website(see how to speed your web) and what you are trying to achieve. For smaller businesses that have trouble justifying the costs, there are strategies that can be put in place that are effective and low cost.

The basics are covered in depth in a lot of our previous posts. Having a website that is well structured is the first step in the right direction. Having the right set of keywords and optimizing your site to those keywords is the second step. But where to from there?

Social marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization and that too has been covered in previous posts. Thinking outside the square is where you can find some real strategies that are not only effective for SEO, but also effective for generating non search traffic.

1.Cross Promotion

Cross promotions involve two or more businesses working cooperatively to promote each others products. This is particularly effective where each business has products or services that complement each other. You promote their product or service and of course, in return, they promote yours. The benefit to both sites are targeted SEO friendly links and the possibility of extra traffic.

2.Forums and Social bookmarkings

Little thought of by many businesses and often rejected because of time constraints. Yet forums don’t have to be time wasters. You would be surprised at what you can achieve in ten minutes whilst having your morning coffee. Forums can also provide links and traffic. Be friendly, be helpful, forget the hard sell – just make yourself useful.Social Bookmarks like stumble upon,facebook ,twiter,digg,lintas berita, and else will improve your traffic from  many place.

3.Blog Comments:

The benefits of blog commenting is not large particularly if a post receives a lot of posts. However, commenting on blogs written by niche leaders can expose you to a lot of readers. You would be surprised at many readers follow the link just to ‘check you out’.  Links may follow if your content attracts the visitors attention.

There are many other directions that you could take such as article submission and directory submissions, however,these can time consuming processes – and we are working on a budget right. Get the basics of your web site right and undertake those three SEO strategies and you will over time reap some of the benefits. They will take time and the benefits won’t be huge. They may only help you move one or two places in the search results, however, that is better than standing still, or worse, going backwards.

4.Link Exchange

Link exchange has do the same process with comments,using backlinks.the good bakclink that we need is from the same kind of blog theme or niche with the others blog and our link exchange partner have Pagerank more than us.Dont do exchange with the website that use rel nofollow links like using mr.linky,because is not caused we get the backlink.(source)

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